About Fable
  • Tiny Town Daycare Since 1989

    We value you and your children
    Tiny Town’s goal is to provide a healthy, happy environment where your child can enjoy a well-rounded day of activity-stimulated learning. Educationally, emotionally and socially.
  • Your children are the center of our day

    From meals to play to structured activity, everything we do is for the benefit of your children
    We believe that each child is unique, with his or her own personality, strengths and interests. Stimulating, age-appropriate activities and interactive, hands-on exploration are our approach to learning.
  • Our two top priorities are Safety & Education

    Our state-of-the-art facility and dedicated staff allow us to deliver the best experience possible
    We want our graduates to leave Tiny Town having gained the self-confidence which will be so important throughout his/her life. Safety is one of our main concerns.

    Tiny Town is highly regarded in the Scotia-Glenville area., as well as the local day care community. We are licensed by New York State Department of Social Services and staffed by well-educated and experienced professionals.
  • Our facility has the following advantages:

    • Our Center was awarded with the Lowest Staff Turn Over in the Capital District.

    • It is less than 300 feet from Thomas Corners Fire Station. In case of fire, or just a drill, the children are lead by our staff to the firehouse cafeteria where the chief compliments them on a ‘good job’ and shows them the fire trucks..

    • It is located within four (4) miles of both Ellis and St. Claire’s hospitals.

    • There has recently been installed a state of the art “pull station” system with direct-dial to 911 for an emergency of any type. Tiny Town also has a CODED ENTRY system so that only those authorized can enter the building.

    • There are fire extinguishers and battery back-up emergency lighting throughout the center and six (6) exits, four (4) more than required by law!

    • The toilets, sinks, tables and other surfaces are disinfected multiple times daily.

    • All of our staff members meet and exceed NYSDSS requirements for education and experience, and have been passed by NY State Central Clearance Register (for child abuse and maltreatment).