Our Classes

Our Classes
  • Class Overview

    Our preschool program has four dedicated classes
  • We offer five classes for children aged six weeks to five years old.

  • The following tabs contain a brief description of our teaching methods and schedules for each age group.


    6 weeks – 12 months

    Our Infant I room at Tiny Town is bright, colorful, pleasant and revolves completely around your baby. Your child’s schedule is our schedule.


    Our goal in Infant I is to give your baby all the care and attention he/she needs at their young age. As they progress, their needs change and we will help them develop. We will guide the babies into the stages of awareness, sounds, colors, and reactions.

    As they grow we will encourage the babies to become more aware by exploring, vocalizing, comforting, responding to music, a lot of which helps them a great deal with balance and learning to walk.

    By the time your baby leaves Infant I, they are just learning to walk or are already walking, and have developed their own little personality that belongs to them. They will use this to their benefit as they venture into their new world in Infant II.

    Sample Infant I Report Form


    12 – 18 months


    In the Infant II room, we continue to love and nurture your baby while giving them a bit of independence. In this room, there is a balance between your child’s personal schedule and that which will ready him/her for the Toddler area and group activities. The babies will be starting to learn to play together, to talk and begin developing communicative and basic social skills.

    It is in this room where we help children learn interaction skills that will help them relate adequately with other children and adults.

    Through “finger play” and one on one instruction, an emphasis is put on fine motor skills, such as drinking from a sippy cup, stacking blocks, etc. We also do circle time and simple arts and crafts.


    18 months – 3 years

    The Toddler room is a positive learning atmosphere in which children can learn to play and grow. It mixes a small amount of structure with an abundance of socialization, the most important skill your toddler can learn. All circle times and art activities are done with one goal in mind: to learn cooperation.

    Classroom Schedule


    6:30-9:00 Arrival/Breakfast/Free Play (Breakfast from home, prepared by parent.
    Tiny Town does not provide breakfast)
    9:00-9:15 Diapers
    9:15-9:30 Clean up time
    9:30-9:45 Circle Time
    9:45-10:00 Snack (provided by Tiny Town)
    10:00-10:30 Station Time/Arts & Crafts
    10:30-11:00 Large Motor/Outside Time
    11:00-11:15 Diapers
    11:15-11:30 Music & Movement
    11:30-11:45 Story Time
    11:45-12:05 Lunch & Nap Set up/Movie Time
    12:05-12:30 Lunch Time
    12:30-3:00 Nap Time
    3:00-3:30 Nap Clean up/Diapers/Movie Time
    3:30-3:45 Snack
    3:45-6:00 Departure/Free Play/Outside
    Toddler Room Information Packet


    3 – 4 years

    The preschool room has a busy day! Filled with activities, all aiming towards a common goal: a child’s independence. Children are encouraged to try new things, and are continually exposed to new challenges.

    Classroom Schedule

    Pre School

    6:30-8:30 Arrival/Breakfast/Free Play (Breakfast from home, prepared by parent.
    Tiny Town does not provide breakfast)
    8:30-9:00 Bathroom & Diapers
    9:00-9:15 Circle Time
    9:15-9:30 Snack (provided by Tiny Town)
    9:30-10:30 Large Motor/Outside Time
    10:30-10:45 Story Time/Set up Stations
    10:45-11:45 Stations
    11:45-12:00 Clean up
    12:00-12:10 Bathroom & Diapers/Lunch Set up/Movie time
    12:10-12:30 Lunch/Nap Set up
    12:30-3:00 Nap Time
    3:00-3:20 Bathroom & Diapers/Movie Time
    3:20-3:30 Snack
    3:30-4:30 Large Motor
    4:30-6:00 Departure/Free Play/Outside
    Preschool Information Packet


    4 – 5 years

    In the Pre-K room, we stress independence and socialization skills. We are working towards preparing your 4-year-old child for Kindergarten. Kindergarten readiness is an essential part of this program.

    The Pre-K stations are divided into two groups of children to insure that age-appropriate learning occurs. This gives each child more individual attention.

    Upon leaving the Pre-K room (and Tiny Town), your child will posses all the social skills and cognitive skills needed for Kindergarten and a good sense of self-esteem. There is a graduation celebration each June (Caps and gowns and entertainment) this is the highlight of our year!

    Classroom Schedule


    6:30-8:45 Arrival/Breakfast/Free Play (Breakfast from home, prepared by parent.
    (Tiny Town does not provide breakfast)
    8:45-9:00 Clean up
    9:00-9:20 Circle Time
    9:20-9:30 Snack (provided by Tiny Town)
    9:30-10:30 Station Time
    10:30-11:30 Large Motor/Outside Time
    11:30-12:00 Lunch Set up/Movie Time/Bathroom
    12:00-12:30 Lunch Time
    12:30-2:30 Nap Time
    2:30-3:00 Wake up/Prepare for afternoon
    3:00-3:20 Snack
    3:20-6:00 Departure/Free Play/Outside
    Pre-Kindergarten Information Packet
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