Summer Camp Information

  • Summer Fun Camp

    As summer approaches we have been busy planning the activities and the fun camps we will be hosting. We have some special events and entertainment to go along with our themes, while still learning and discovering. Each week there will be a special event or activity to go along with the theme for that week’s camp.

    To off-set the costs of these summer fun Activities we will be charging a summer fee. We have researched around to other facilities and found our fee to be more than reasonable. Please see below the fee information for each classroom. Summer fees are due by June 15th. You may include your payment with your regular tuition payment. Please make sure to mark it on the memo section of checks or on the envelope to be sure it gets applied correctly to your account.

    Toddlers: $20.00

    Pre-School: $50.00

    Pre-K: $50.00

    Planned Activities

    ( subject to change )
    June 22 – June 26 St. Jude Trike – A -Thon: ( Pre-S & PreK )

    The actual bike-a-thon will be on Friday June 26th. Children will be bringing in their bikes and trikes from home, along with their helmets in order to participate. Information will come home on how to raise money. In the past we have raised over 2,000.00 for the children of St Jude’s. The children watch and learn about St Jude’s and really enjoy helping the children.

    All Tiny Town Families are welcome to make donations to St. Jude’s. Also note some companies will match your contribution.

    June 29th-July 3rd

    Tiny Town will be CLOSED on Fri., July 3rd for the Holiday.

    July 6th – July 10th Music and Movement Camp: (Toddler, Pre-S & Pre-K)

    We will be exploring different types of music/dance and gymnastics. During this week we will have a professional Instructor from Twist and Flip Gymnastics and his beams and bars here on Tuesday , our friend Mona the Musician, a fun filled day of kids Zumba, and Yoga class with special surprise instructors.  

    July 13th – July 17th Western Week: (Toddlers, Pre-S & Pre-K)

    Rabbits, goats, and PONIES, OH My!!! This week we will feature two dream ponies and a petting zoo to give the children a chance to see what life is like down on the farm. Shoes or SNEAKERS must be worn. This will be Thursday.

    July 20th – July 24th Bugs and Butterflies Galore(Pre-S & Pre-K)

    During this week, we will be exploring the life cycle of different bugs and butterflies. We will even be raising our own butterflies and watching them turn from caterpillars to butterflies before our very own eyes. Scotia Traveling Museum will be joining us on Tuesday for a Winged Wonder adventure.

    July 27th – July 31st Carnival Week: (Toddlers, Pre-S & Pre-K)

    During this week we will enjoy some “bouncing”. We will bounce weather permitting throughout the week. Please have your child wear shoes and socks that are easy for them to get on and off. Socks are important as sometime the rubber can get hot on the tootsies. Lady Bug the Clown will be clowning around with us on Thursday for some clown magic and face painting.

    August 3rd – 7th Camping Camp: (Toddlers, Pre-S & Pre-K)

    We will be doing fun things like “fishing”, Mud play, bear hunts, flashlight fun etc… We will prepare all week to have our camping trip! Children will need to bring in a flashlight and a teddy bear. Also, we will be asking for easy set up tents to borrow while camping out. Details to come. Tuesday, The Scotia Traveling Museum will be here with their Fantastic Frogs program.

    August 10th – Aug. 14th Ocean & Beach Week: (Toddler,Pre-S & Pre-K)

    We will be taking a trip to the beach with many different classroom activities. Please have your child prepared for a week of water and sand fun. During this week will be having our special annual Wendy’s lunch on Thursday. (We will be collecting $ separately for the special lunch.)

    August 17th – August 21st Dr. Seuss Week: (Toddler,Pre-S & Pre-K)

    Thing 1, Thing 2, Horton, The Cat in the Hat and many more of Dr. Seuss’s creative creatures and stories will come to life as we take a look in to the land of Seussville. Helping us to create the Magic will be the Magician Chris LaBarge, he will join us on Tuesday of this week.

    August 24th – August 28th   Yummy Treats Camp: (Toddler, Pre-S & Pre-K)

    During this week the children will participate in making some yummy treats, as well as some outdoor bubble fun on Thursday with The Scotia Traveling Museum’s program, Let’s Make Bubbles on Thursday. Than our special surprise finale to summer with a visit from the Ice Cream truck “Mr. Ding-A-Ling” on Friday